7 Reasons to Study Spanish Online with Webtutor


Seven Reasons Webtutor Will Have You Speaking Spanish Pronto!

Think you’re too old to learn Spanish? Think again! Over the past 20 years, 20,000 students just like you have learned to converse in Spanish at our school in beautiful San Miguel de Allende. With the launch of our Webtutor curriculum, thousands of others are learning Spanish online, using the same proven methods taught at the Warren Hardy Spanish School. Here are seven reasons why we think you're going to love Webtutor.


Master Teacher Warren Hardy

Warren Hardy's approach to teaching Spanish is completely different from anything else you've tried. Since 1972, Warren has refined and improved his Spanish language learning program to make it entertaining and intuitive. He has written seven textbooks and taught thousands of students how to learn Spanish. With Webtutor, you get one-on-one time with Warren at the click of a button, anywhere and anytime that works for you. Check out Warren's warm and approachable teaching style in the video below.


A Curriculum Tailored to Older Learners


If you've tried learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone or other online programs, you probably felt like you were in a high school Spanish class. Although anyone can benefit from Webtutor, Warren's Spanish program is tailored for a demographic over the age of 50 and most definitely does not feel like Spanish 101. Warren focuses on teaching you the vocabulary you need to start expressing your needs and wants within hours of starting the course. He shares memory cues that make it easy to remember important vocabulary words so the phrase you need will always be on the tip of your tongue.


Learn at Your Own Pace


When you enroll in Webtutor, you are purchasing a series of engaging 20-minute video lessons and a companion workbook. You'll choose the level that works for you (Levels 1-3) and can proceed at the pace that works for you. You'll watch the video and repeat after Warren as you go. The workbook has hundreds of excercises and games that reinforce the videos. You can download and print the workbook, or you can buy a hard copy here.  When you've mastered one lesson, move on to the next!


Get Practical Knowledge Right Away


The people who come to our school and enroll in Webtutor have very practical objectives - they want to be able to tell a taxi driver where to go, ask someone on the street for directions (and actually understand the answer), or ask a waiter questions about the menu. When you take Level 1, you'll learn Power Verbs such as: I need, I want, I can, and I like. Warren will teach you how to combine these with the 100 most common Spanish verbs and before you know it, you'll have the confidence to start interacting with native Spanish speakers.


Learn to be Kind and Courteous: Cortesía


In addition to learning how to ask for what you need and want, you'll learn how to be polite in a culture that is not your own. Every culture has it's own intricate etiquette, and Warren makes sure you are quickly familiar and comfortable with Mexican greetings, introductions, and general courtesy as you start speaking Spanish and interacting with native speakers.


Don Juan de Boca

In addition to the 20-minute educational videos, you'll be treated to a series of videos with Don Juan de Boca - Warren's alter ego. Don Juan de Boca will teach you how to drink tequila and make guacamole, as well as slang words that won't be taught in most Spanish classes. Check it out!


We Guarantee Success!


Here's the thing. We know our program works and we are super excited for you to become one of our success stories! In fact, we're so sure you'll love it, that we guarantee your satisfaction. Try Webtutor 100% risk free for 30 days. If our proven curriculum doesn't work for you, we'll refund your money no questions asked. So what are you waiting for? Let's start learning Spanish!

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