Level 1 Power Verbs GameCards

80 easy to read 3x5 cards. Comes in a comfortable and sturdy plastic carrying case.


Sentence cards with English on one side and Spanish on the other. There are six colors, each representing a different Power verb: Need to; Want to; Going to; Can; Like to; Have to.

  • There are three questions and answers of increasing difficulty on each side.
  • The five pointers ask in the ‘You formal’ and answer in the ‘I form’.
  • The ten pointers have enriched vocabulary and ask in the ‘You formal’ and answer in the ‘I form’
  • The fifteen pointers use all forms of the Power Verbs and the vocabulary is enriched more.

Cards can be used with a partner or alone. There is a point system with the game.

This is a great tool for developing vocabulary and learning to communicate your needs and wants in Spanish.

What’s Included:

  • 80 3×5 cards containing Power Verb questions and answers in English and Spanish.


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