Level 4 Workbook – Present and Past Subjunctive

Learn the Present and Past Subjunctive and practice integrating the nine Spanish Tenses. The Subjunctive will empower you to manage people and express your wants in a diplomatic way.


In Level 4, you will learn Spanish at the mastery level. You will feel comfortable speaking Spanish in business and social settings.

    • Study the Present and Past Subjunctive
    • Empowers you to communicate by showing respect
      and manage people in a diplomatic way

You will also practice integrating the nine Spanish tenses so you can begin to truly transfer your personality into Spanish.

  • Designed for the independent learner
  • Hundreds of written and spoken exercises
  • Beautifully designed charts and graphics
  • Self-grading exams
  • Proven successful by thousands
  • A “must have” for every Spanish student

What’s Included:

  • 160-page workbook: Easy to read and filled with beautiful charts, self-correcting exercises and self-correcting quizzes and exams.

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