Spanish Kit Package Discounts

For those students committed to progressing through multiple levels of Spanish, you can purchase two or more courses at a substantial savings.

Level 1 + Level 2 Spanish
Save $44.95

Level 1 + Level 2 Spanish Package Deal

Levels 1 and 2 Spanish put together the core of the language and take you to the high functional level. Learn the basic grammar of Spanish and communicate in present, past, and future time.
YOUR PRICE: $144.95

Level 2 + Level 3 Spanish
Save $24.95

Level 2 + Level 3 Spanish Package Deal

For intermediate Spanish students, this package is designed especially for anyone who wants to move rapidly into conversational Spanish. Level 2 Spanish will teach you the Preterit Tense and Object Pronouns and Level 3 Spanish will add on six more tenses. 
YOUR PRICE: $144.95

Level 3 + Level 4 Spanish
Save $4.95

Level 3 + Level 4 Spanish Package Deal

For advanced Spanish students, this package will teach you to be comfortable with all nine Spanish tenses, including the present and past subjunctive. 
YOUR PRICE: $144.95

Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4 Spanish
Save $68.85

All Levels Spanish Package

This is the whole enchilada!! Level 1 Spanish teaches Power Verbs and will give you the skills to function in Spanish. Level 2 Spanish teaches you the simple past tense and how to form sentences using pronouns. Level 3 Spanish teaches you the seven indicative tenses and integrates them. Level 4 Spanish teaches the Present and Past Subjunctive.

YOUR PRICE: $270.95