Spanish Home Study Kits

The Warren Hardy Home Study Spanish Kits provide you with a comprehensive Spanish language curriculum and all the tools you need to learn Spanish at your own pace. Each kit contains a Spanish workbook with corresponding audios (CDs or USB drive), Spanish-English flashcards to reinforce the workbook content, Verb Cards with the 100 most common Spanish verbs and their conjugations, and Game Cards that integrate with the workdbook content. Please click here to email us with any questions you have which Spanish language resources are the best fit for your current skill level.

Level 1 Spanish: Power Verbs

Level 1 Spanish Materials

Learn to express your needs and wants in Spanish by combining the 100 most commonly used verbs with the six Power Verbs: I need to, I want to, I am going to, I like to, I can, and I have to. You'll learn to create hundreds of sentences in Spanish. With this course of study, you will confidently be expressing your needs and wants to friends and employees and be ready for your next trip to any Spanish-speaking country.


The Spanish course was artfully “layered,” starting with a good foundation of Spanish verbs plus minimal vocabulary and then repeating and adding a bit at a time. I never felt overwhelmed, new information came at the right speed, and in the right order. It was smooth and easy. The Spanish workbooks are well-integrated and clearly well-thought out. My progress was stunning.

~ Inge Christensen, Vancouver, Canada
Level 1 Spanish: Power Verbs

Level 2 Spanish: The Simple Past and Pronouns

Level 2 Spanish Materials

Level 2 Spanish is designed especially for students want to move rapidly into conversational Spanish. After completing this level, you'll be able to communicate clearly and effectively in the simple past tense. You'll also increase your understanding of Spanish grammar as you practice word order and the use of the direct and indirect object pronouns.


Level 3 Spanish: Imperfect, Present and Minor Tenses

Level 3 Spanish Materials

Level 3 Spanish will give you a knowledge of seven tenses so you have the tools to express your thoughts and feel comfortable conversing in Spanish. Learn to say: I speak, I spoke, I used to speak, I will speak, I would speak, I am speaking, I have spoken. When you complete Warren Hardy’s Level 3 comprehensive Spanish language program, you will be conversing, reading and writing comfortably in Spanish.


Level 4 Spanish: Present and Past Subjunctive

Level 4 Spanish Materials

In Level 4 Spanish, you will complete your knowledge of the Spanish tenses. You'll learn the Present and Past Subjunctive and practice integrating the nine Spanish tenses. The Subjunctive will empower you to manage people and express your wants in a diplomatic way. You will have the tools to feel comfortable speaking Spanish in business and social settings.