Level 3 Home Study Kit

A necessary part of any Spanish language program, Level 3 will give you a knowledge of seven tenses so you have the tools to express your thoughts and feel comfortable conversing in Spanish.



  • I speak – hablo (Present tense)
  • I spoke – hablé (Preterite tense)
  • I used to speak – hablaba (Imperfect tense)
  • I will speak – hablaré (Future tense)
  • I would speak- hablaría (Conditional tense)
  • I am speaking – estoy hablando (Present progressive tense)
  • I have spoken – he hablado (Present perfect tense)

Level 3 will help you build an extensive vocabulary and feel comfortable conversing in Spanish.

  • Study the Present, Imperfect, Future, Conditional, Present Progressive, and Present Perfect tenses
  • Integrate the seven indicative tenses
  • Check your retention with the self-correcting quizzes and GameCards
  • Listen and practice with a native Spanish speaker on the Audios

With Warren Hardy’s Level 3 Kit and comprehensive Spanish language program, you will be conversing, reading and writing comfortably in Spanish.

What’s Included:

  • Level 3 Workbook: 160-page workbook is easy to read and filled with beautiful charts, self-correcting exercises and self-correcting quizzes and exams.
  • Level 3 GameCards: 80 cards containing English-Spanish translation games integrated with the Level 3 Workbook.
  • Level 3 Audios: Recorded directly from the Level 3 Workbook by native Spanish speakers, these help you to develop your pronunciation and listening skills.

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