How to Have Good Relations with Mexicans

Latin American Social Protocol / La Cortesía

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16 responses to “How to Have Good Relations with Mexicans”

  1. McKenzie says:

    I really enjoyed these videos, Warren. Beautiful and important things to know. All the best to you and Tuli. I have such good memories of my visit there with Erin years ago.

  2. Chris McCaskill says:

    Thank you, Warren, for sharing with us these fundamental courtesies and your insights on the core values of the Mexican and American people. The Mexican people and their joyous and spiritual culture have indeed made me and Rex better people. We are honored to live within a culture that venerates the dignity of its people including the children and the elderly of Mexico.

  3. Jane Prince says:

    Thank you Warren for a tool to educate us all about the Mexican-American histories and the impact on who we are as culturally different peoples. These are huge tools in moving forward in being two peoples in one society, whether here in Mexico or in the United States. All cultures bring with them elements that need understanding and respect. I plan on using this in my work! Muchas Gracias!!

  4. Sylvia Rogers says:

    Dear Warren,

    It was great to see you yesterday at Costco!

    Just wanted you to know that I just watched your video on cortesia, and learned so much! I’ve always smiled, and been friendly, but these little hints, and knowlege of their history, has really helped me.

    Thank you for the video!


    Sylvia Rogers

  5. Alan Fairley says:

    Thank you for these, Warren. I wish every Ameican who visits Mexico would watch them. We have much to learn from the culture. I too have have been bettered from being exposed to it.

  6. Nancy Watson says:

    Warren, these films are a great introduction to the Mexican culture and I will share them with others, especially when I hear someone is planning at trip to Mexico. Correct knowledge, which brings understanding, is the best ambassador between different cultures. I hope to return soon to Mexico and study at your school again. All my best to you and Tuli.

  7. Kelly Robinson says:

    Perfecto. Makes me proud to be one of your students. Many thanks.

  8. Carla Hines says:

    Warren, I feel so grateful that your school was my first introduction after I moved here to learning about Mexico. I went through all seven levels of Spanish with your wonderful teachers, Rocío and Antonieta. Thanks to you and Tuli for giving me so many valuable tools to begin my new life here in San Miguel. This new tape is wonderful. Everyone who lives here or is thinking of visiting really should see it and internalize it. Forever grateful, Carla Hines

  9. cathy bennett says:

    It is so good to hear these lectures again……I have heard these in my classes at Warren Hardy but good to have a refresher!
    Thanks Warren and Tuli for putting these on video………Love it and good to see you! Thank you…….Cathy

  10. Erica Bowman says:


    Thank you for this wonderful video. My honey and I came to Mexico 6 years ago and studied at your school, I was pregnant with my first child and enjoyed your teaching style and the warmth from all your teachers. I work with so many people from Mexico, living in Northern California; and just having some simple history and knowing how to show dignity to many of the people that I interact with is amazing. I can understand and speak with confidence these simple phrases and in turn gain some of the trust that will enhance my relationships. Thank you for continuing to educate and bring people together.


  11. Maxine de Villefranche says:

    Hello: Although I live in Costa Rica, I purchased your first online Spanish Webtutor class ( I don’t quite remember what it’s called) which really helped me learning basic Spanish. I have been waiting for your second level Webtutor class since the end of last year, but Tuli kept telling me that you had many problems with getting it ready. I still would love to purchase it from you if you finally managed to finish the program. Would you have any insights into the Tico culture? I realize that many Central American cultures are very similar and that courtesia in Mexico is the same in Costa Rica. I walk my dogs around my neighborhood every day and talk to many of my neighbors, and always start with Buenos Dias (accompanied by a big smile). Many of them answer the same way and add “Como Amanecio?” (How did you get up this morning? “Muy bien, gracias, y usted?” I answer back. Every day, I learn a word or two more. Common words are a little different here and there are many regional expressions that don’t exist in Mexico. But Spanish is Spanish, and even if I use Mexican expressions, I am understood by the Ticos. Thank you.

  12. Nallely (Lilavati) says:

    Warren! Hola 🙂

    Thanks a million for taking the time to provide us with valuable information. I am Mexican, now living in Scotland for 8 years. I love it here, however family and friends (my tribe!) has always been an enormous loss which I deeply resent.

    Yes, us Mexicans are very happy people 🙂 how wonderful!!!

    I love you Warren (best regards from Mahadeva too!)

  13. Dear Mr Hardy,
    Buenas Noches
    I sit here in my living room in NYC after having watched
    your lovely videos. I so enjoyed your explanation of the Mexican
    courtesia and the similarities and differences in the culture.
    Thank you for your incredible system of learning the Spanish language.
    I have been truly enriched by your program, your video and your
    Muchas gracias.

    In Sanskrit we say until the next auspicious meeting.
    Punar ?gaman?ya

    Thea Manorama t

  14. Judith Bowman says:

    Hola Warren and Tuli,
    Muchas Gracias for these beautiful videos. I appreciate you for sharing your respect and love for the Mexican culture and people. One of the highlights of this year for me was the opportunity to study with you and the wonderful people at the school. And living in Southern California, I am now better able to appreciate and communicate with my neighbors. I look forward to returning to San Miguel and studying more with you.
    Kindest regards,

  15. Heather Sjoberg says:

    Thank-you for sharing your knowledge of Mexicans and their protocols. I am not American, but my Australian values are different from those that you outlined for Mexicans. The lesson on cortesia was very helpful. I look forward to studying verbs with you in January.

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