Learn Spanish & Meet Your Best Friend

Come to Learn Spanish.
Leave With A New Best Friend

by Mary Swick & Anne Kresl James, Spanish School Alumni

I came to San Miguel first for the writer's conference to teach a workshop in 2013 and my second day in San Miguel I came to my first class at the Warren Hardy School - Level 1 - then I bought a house on the way out of town after six weeks. I was still teaching as a writer and professor of creative writing at University of Missouri. After I retired two years later I could live in San Miguel full time. Over these years I've taken about five classes at Warren Hardy. What happens is that I'll take one and then some time go by and then I forget what I learned in that one and so I have to repeat it, and so my advice is to keep going and not let these gaps occur. So now I'm taking the Story Telling class with Rocio with my best friend Ann whom I met here at Warren Hardy School. Many many people here make best friends.  ~ Marly Swick

Best Friends Meeting At Warren Hardy Spanish School

Best friends Anne & Mary enjoying Spanish Class together.

I came to San Miguel four years ago for a month, and the first thing that I did was sign up for a class here at Warren Hardy with my daughter. In that class I met my best friend, had a lot of fun, and learned the basics. Warren and Tuli were extremely gracious and helpful with answering questions and sharing information, not only about learning Spanish but also about San Miguel and Mexico in general.

Six months later I moved here permanently, and started studying Spanish again. Warren has designed a program that makes learning Spanish fun. Since then I have taken seven classes, some of them repeats due to the fact that I travel a lot in between classes and don't practice enough. It always feels like home when I walk in the door. The teachers are excellent and everyone at the school is very friendly. My favorite class is storytelling with Rocio, so over a year later I am taking it again. The difference now is that I am going to stop traveling so much, enjoy more time in Mexico, and I have a real desire to learn to speak Spanish. Rocio is an amazing teacher, and Warren's method is very practical and effective. I can finally say that I am determined to learn Spanish, and I'm not leaving Mexico until I do! ~ Anne Krsel James