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San Miguel de Allende

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San Miguel also has many beautiful homes for rent that include a maid, cook, gardener, available by the week or month.

San Miguel House Rentals
offering 60+ properties for rent in all categories, from a simple one-bedroom casita to a luxury seven-bedroom villa with full staff, including concierge services and local agents to assist you.
Vonage Phone with U.S. Number: 713-589-3524
Local Mexican Phone: (011-52) 415-120-0829

Casas Elegantes
Casas Elegantes offers vacation rentals of Elegant homes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Phone: 152-7351, 152-3861

Real Estate San Miguel
Owner Michael Mervin
Tel. 152-2284, Tel./fax: 152-7377

Jennifer Rockett rental agent
Tel. in San Miguel 152-2110
Tel. USA (512)853-9416




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