At Warren Hardy, We Believe in you!

Warren Hardy Spanish Teacher We believe in the power of connection through language and understanding.We believe in the capacity to learn grow and reinvent oneself through advance age.

And when you come to us,
we believe in you.

Warren Hardy

Warren Hardy
Founder & Teacher

Warren is a master teacher, teacher trainer, author, and lecturer. He is known for his clarity of instruction, organization, enthusiasm and patience. He has taught adult learners for over 40 years and has a clear understanding of how adults learn Spanish. His instruction is geared towards the mature brain. Warren handpicked and personally trained all the Warren Hardy Teachers. They all have over twenty years experience in the classroom with Warren. They began as facilitators, then tutors, and now have all become masters in their own classes.

Rocio Ruiz

Rocio Ruiz
Warren Hardy Teacher since 1998

Rocio specializes in teaching Level 2, Communication Skills, Level 3 c Conversation and Story Telling.

Rocio is passionate about teaching and makes her students feel comfortable speaking. She is animated, enthusiastic, full of energy, and makes people feel special. She is supportive and encouraging in the classroom. She is well organized, thorough in instruction, inventive and knowledgeable. She keeps the energy of the students up and draws out the best in her students.

Antonieta Espinosa

Antonieta Espinosa
Warren Hardy Teacher since 1995

Antonieta specializes in teaching Level 3 and 4 Foundation courses and the Nine Tense Integration.

She shares a lot about Mexican Culture and family life. She knows her courses perfectly. She engages and forces people to participate without intimidating. She is always happy and extremely caring. She is wise, sensitive and dedicated to her students.

Tuli Hardy

Tulli Hardy
Warren Hardy Administrator since 1990

Tuli is the administrator of the Warren Hardy School. She corresponds with all students; placing them in the right course. She is the COO of Warren Hardy Spanish enterprises and manages WHS Publishing.

Tuli is always happy, kind, and cordial. She is clear and organized. She treats students as friends. Very efficient. Fluent in Spanish.

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