Warren Hardy

Warren and Tuli Hardy

Our mission at Warren Hardy Spanish is to unite people through language learning and cultural understanding.

Warren Hardy Language School

Founded in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 1990, the school has become an institution in a city where Spanish instruction is an industry. The educational objective is to develop student’s skills to the conversational level so that they can progress to the fluid and fluent levels by practicing Spanish with native Spanish speakers. The school offers a five level curriculum called the Warren Hardy Foundation Course. Students master all the Spanish tenses and basics of grammar and participate in conversational development courses.

Warren Hardy Publishing

Warren Hardy Publishing produces and sells 25 titles through its online bookstore, classrooms, and through Internet retailers including Amazon.com.

Warren Hardy started developing his unique methodology and published his first Spanish textbook in 1972. Over the next 18 years he created flashcard systems and learning aids for adult learners in his language school in Tucson, Arizona. He moved to San Miguel de Allende in 1990 with the intention of refining his Spanish learning program and methodology so it could be passed on to other teachers. This is when Warren Hardy Publishing was truly born. Since then he has devoted himself to perfecting his course in the Warren Hardy School. His textbooks and learning system have been carefully sculpted from thousands of classroom hours as he has seen what works for adult learners. He has created a learning system that integrates workbooks, flashcards, and audios sing the latest technologies in right and left brain learning. The Warren Hardy Foundation course consists of four levels of instruction that put into place the verb system and basic grammar of Spanish. After the Foundation Course is completed, there are intermediate readers and online learning tools that develop vocabulary and cultural understanding.

The Warren Hardy Spanish learning program is successfully used by thousands of independent adult learners as well as public, private, and entrepreneurial teachers.

The Founders

Warren Hardy
Mr. Hardy is a master teacher and educational innovator. He has written seven textbooks and developed a powerful learning system which includes over twenty learning tools including workbooks, flashcards, and CD/cassettes. His home study course is being used by thousands worldwide. Hundreds of students attend his Spanish classes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico every year. Warren is also a founding member of the International Conflict Resolution Institute and an expert on bi-cultural relations and mediation. Warren is a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow, an honor awarded for distinguished international service.

Tuli Hardy
Tuli is Chief Operating Officer of Warren Hardy Spanish. She manages and processes publishing orders. She corresponds with prospective students and places them in class. She administrates the Warren Hardy School and does accounting for all Warren Hardy enterprises.

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