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Warren Hardy's Spanish School in San Miguel de Allende

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Founded in 1990, the Warren Hardy Spanish School provides eager and reluctant Spanish learners alike with a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere to start speaking Spanish without any stress or pressure. Four different levels of Spanish classes are taught by Master Spanish teachers who have been with the school for over 20 years. More than just a 'school', the Warren Hardy Spanish School feels like a second home to the students who come through our doors each year.

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Warren Hardy Spanish School Teachers & Staff

Etienne Sanchez, Antonieta Espinosa, Tuli Hardy, Warren Hardy, Patricia Ledesma, Veronica Ruiz Carreon, Rocio Ruiz Carreon, Grace Minyard

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At the Warren Hardy Spanish School, we believe in the rich, multi-cultural community we call San Miguel. We believe in the power of connection through language and understanding. We believe in the capacity to learn and grow and reinvent oneself up, until, and through advanced age.
And when you come to us, we believe in you.

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This Spanish course makes logic out of Spanish, takes the heaviness out. The energy level is always high and the attention to detail is excellent. I feel as if Warren really wants us to learn Spanish and that motivates me. The Spanish workbooks are excellent.

~ Roger Klein, Level 1 Spanish

This is an ingenious learning concept based on common usage. It has all things necessary to learn Spanish. I’ve had many Spanish classes and this one is almost irreplaceable.  Working with a partner was exhilarating and kept me moving. This is the best Spanish workbook I have ever seen and the Spanish flashcards are really helpful for remembering.

~ Ed Ferguson, Level 2 Spanish

Warren has taught this Spanish class for a number of years yet he approaches each one as if it were his first. His enthusiasm for the subject, organization, energy and sense of humor make it a fun Spanish class. He genuinely wants his students to get Spanish, and does everything to make that happen. This is not just the best Spanish class, but the best class I have ever taken.

~ Pamela De Martini, Level 1 Spanish