Warren Hardy Spanish Teachers

We Simply Cannot Wait to Meet You

When you come to the Warren Hardy Spanish School, be prepared for something totally different. Instead of finding instructors in a classroom with a job to do, you’ll find a group of genuine, caring and highly trained people who are passionate about sharing the gift of the Spanish language with you. Warren Hardy Master Spanish Teachers have been trained in the Warren Hardy teaching method and have over 20 years of experience teaching students just like you! Watch the video below for a wonderful introduction to each one of our remarkable Master Teachers.

Warren Hardy,  Spanish School Master Teacher

Warren Hardy


Warren founded the Warren Hardy School in 1990. He is a master teacher, educational innovator, teacher trainer, author and lecturer. He has published 17 titles and over 140 educational videos. He has developed his proprietary method with scripted training manuals and has trained 21 teachers. He has been teaching Spanish to adults since 1972 and is a specialist on teaching older adults. His online video course is sold worldwide and recommended by International Living. Warren is a speaker at International Living Conventions which are designed to help expats move abroad.

Paticia Ledesma,  Spanish School Master Teacher

Patricia Ledesma


Patricia began her training with Mr. Hardy in 1995. She is a master teacher. Having taught the Level 1 course for 18 years, she manages the course to perfection. When you leave Patricia's class you will be functional in Spanish, guaranteed. Patricia is a very methodical and clear teacher who combines her gifts as a teacher with her natural and beautiful personality.

Rocio Ruiz Carreon,  Spanish School Master Teacher

Rocio Ruiz Carreon


Rocio began her training with Mr. Hardy in 1998 and has taught thousands of students. She specializes in teaching Level 2 Foundation, Communication Skills, Storytelling, and Level 3 Conversation. Rocio is passionate about teaching and after 20 years has achieved mastery in her courses. She is loved by her students. She is animated, enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging. She is well-organized and thorough in instruction and draws the best from her students.

Antonieta Espinosa, Spanish School Master Teacher

Antonieta Espinosa


Antonieta began her training in 1995. She specialized in teaching the upper level classes. She teaches Mexican culture and family life.  She is wise and imparts her culture with grace and dignity. She engages and encourages her students to participate comfortably.  Antonieta is always happy and extremely caring. She teaches the Level 3 and 4 Foundation classes and Nine Tense Integration.
Veronica Ruiz Carreon Spanish School Facilitator

Veronica Ruiz Carreon


Veronica is a Warren Hardy facilitator and private instructor. She began her training in 2013. She is a gifted teacher and facilitates in the classroom. She also has a four year degree in culinary arts.
Etienne Sanchez, Spanish School Facilitator

Etienne Sanchez


Etienne is a very gifted facilitator and has worked at the Warren Hardy Spanish School since 2013. He works in the classroom and does private tutoring. He is also an actor and has a radio program in San Miguel Radio.
Tuli Hardy, Warren Hardy Spanish School Administrator

Tuli Hardy


Tuli is the administrator of the Warren Hardy School. She corresponds with all students and matches them to the correct Spanish classes based on their skills and experience. Tuli manages all tuition and materials payments. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Warren Hardy Enterprises and Tulipan Publications.

Grace Minyard, Spanish School Assistant

Grace Minyard


Grace has been an administrative assistant in the school since 2007. She is kind, efficient, and very well organized.