Fun and Extremely Effective Spanish Classes

Years ago, Ann Kuffner attended Spanish immersion programs in Antigua, Guatemala, and then in Merida, Mexico, but found them both intimidating because they were taught entirely in Spanish. Read Ann’s story to see how after a few weeks in Power Verbs class gave her the confidence she needed to manage the Spanish-speaking contractors working on the home she purchased in San Miguel de Allende. “Warren’s teaching approach addresses how those of us who are no longer ‘youngsters’ learn.”

Learn Spanish & Meet Your Best Friend

by Mary Swick & Anne Kresl James, Spanish School Alumni I came to San Miguel first for the writer’s conference to teach a workshop in 2013 and my second day in San Miguel I came to my first class at the Warren Hardy School – Level 1 – then I bought a house on the way out of town after …

A Rare Chance Meeting of Two Pilots in Spanish Class

At 41, Claudia decided to get her private pilot’s license, but then thought she would have to sell her plane and give it up when she and her husband decided to move to Mexico. Read her amazing story about how she managed to keep her pilot’s license, fly her plane to Mexico, and meet a kindred spirit in Spanish class at the Warren Hardy School.