Webtutor - Basic Communication

Teaches you all the words and phrases you need to get by as a tourist

Basic Communication Includes

Learning Steps

Basic Communication

Basic Communications teaches all the words and phrases you need to get by as a tourist. You will learn greetings, polite words, defensive language, how to express your likes and dislikes, how to find the restroom, how to take a taxi, how to give directions and vocabulary around money.

You will learn how to get a table and order in a restaurant, all the restaurant vocabulary, foods and beverages. You will learn how to introduce yourself, make a phone call and leave your name and number. You will learn to tell time, the days of the week, months, and numbers 1 to 1000.

Included With This Course

  1. 4-twenty minute video lessons taught by master teacher Warren Hardy
  2. Downloadable and printable PDFs that contain all the content in the videos

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The Learning Steps

  1. Download the pages you need for your lesson.
  2. Listen and practice with the video lesson.

Table of Contents

1. Basic Communications
2. Basic Communications 2
3. Basic Communications 3
4. Basic Comminications – Telling Time
5. Basic Comminications – At Such and Such a Time
6. Basic Comminications – Days
7. Basic Comminications – Months
8. Basic Comminications – Numbers 1-90
9. Basic Comminications – Numbers 100-1000

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