Online Classroom FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included in the Webtutor online course?

It includes:

  1. 41 twenty minute videos of Warren teaching each  course. This is the same material Warren teaches in the classes at our school.
    You can watch each video over and over, studying it until you learn it.

  2. Each Level of Webtutor includes a downloadable WorkBook that you print so you can do the written homework.

  3. Level 1 has access to the online audio games under each lesson.

  4. Access to the Don Juan de Boca videos.

Are there DVDs of the webtutor videos?

The Webtutor Videos are an online pre recorded course.  There are no DVDs.  You simply watch the videos on your computer or mobile device.

I can play certain videos but others do not play.

Your internet speed is important. Notice the “Play Low Quality Version” link above the video. Click on a slower speed link and the video should play.

To test your internet speed go to and take an internet speed test. The speed test results help us keep a log of users with video problems.

You may also download the videos locally to watch offline. You will find a download button under each video.

If you are using iPhone / iPad please follow these instructions: Downloading on iPhone & iPad.

Finally: If you have another browser on your computer. Firefox or Google chrome, please try another browser if you can. This has worked for many users.

Why didn’t I get the flashcards or audios? Where are the rest of my materials?

The Webtutor is a complete online  program, no hard copy materials come with the Webtutor. If you want the published and bound workbook, flashcards, or other supplemental materials, you can order them from the Warren Hardy Bookstore. go to:

Can I play this on my iPad / iPhone or other mobile device?

Yes, the WebTutor videos and online audio games are compatible with MAC and all mobile devices. On the Ipad you may need to use the mobile version of the classroom. If you are using an iPad you should be forwarded to the mobile version of the classroom automatically.

If you are using iPhone / iPad please follow these instructions: Downloading on iPhone & iPad.

Does this program consist of Levels 1 through 4?

Yes, each Level  is sold separately.

I can see the video titles but how do I play them?

Notice the SLOW, MEDIUM, HIGH buttons next to the video title. Click on a slower speed and the video should play.

How does the Webtutor program differ from the Levels 1 through 4 Special offer kits?

The beauty of the  Webtutor course is that you have Warren teaching you the lessons just like he does in the classroom. It is a good discipline for students who want more structure. He is engaging you and explaining concepts.  The hard copy materials are also great for home study and you can incorporate the materials with the Webtutor.The Kits do not contain any videos. 

Can my partner use my program?

Yes, your partner must login to your account using your user name and password.

How can I download the workbook?

Go to the Webtutor classroom on the website: At the top, on the left hand side, in blue, you will see a banner that says: DOWNLOAD THE WORKBOOK. Click on the banner and it will open the download page.

To view the workbooks on your computer you need to have Acrobat Reader. Most Likely it is already installed, if not use the button below.

Where can I find my homework for the Webtutor classes?

The homework assignments are given in the Webtutor classroom.  As you begin each lesson in the classroom, there is an instruction for downloading and printing the written homework.

How can I download and watch the videos locally?

If you are using iPhone / iPad please follow these instructions: Downloading on iPhone & iPad.

On top of each classroom is a section called “Using Offline”. In that section there is a button that takes you to download a page from that classroom. On the download page you can quickly click and download videos for each lesson.