Welcome to the Learn Spanish Bookstore

This is more than a Spanish book. This is a learning system.
This Bookstore offers the independent learner all the tools
necessary for successful home study.

There are four levels.  Each level has a 160 page workbook  The four workbooks teach all the verb tenses and basic grammar of Spanish.  

Home Study Kits

The home study kit contains all the tools necessary
to read, write, speak and understand Spanish

Workbook and Audios


The Warren Hardy Flashcards are an important tool for adult learners to make learning fun and develop recall. We use all these cards in our courses.
Each set comes in a sturdy plastic carrying case.


The Gamecards are a fun tool to practice any level of Spanish by translating sentences with a  point system. One side has the questions in English and the other side is in Spanish.
Each set comes in a sturdy plastic carrying case.

Want to learn online?

Warren teaches his course on video just like he does in the classroom.

Free Spanish and Mexican Culture lessons

Enjoy free Spanish instruction from Warren Hardy.

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La Cortesia

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Defensive Language

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How to have good relationships