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What is the difference between Webtutor and the Home Study Kits, workbooks, flashcards and audios?

WHS offers two ways to study on your own.

1. The hard copy materials include the workbooks, flashcards, and audios, sold separately or as a complete package we call Home Study Kits. These materials do not include any videos of Warren teaching. You can find all of our materials on our website bookstore. 

2. We offer all 4 Core Foundational  Levels of Spanish through Webtutor. The Webtutor is a complete Spanish course that includes forty one 20 minute videos of Warren teaching just as he does in the classroom. The beauty of Webtutor is that  you have the master teacher Warren Hardy teaching you.

You can watch the videos over and over until you feel comfortable with that lesson. Your purchase of Webtutor is a Lifetime purchase. We are always here for you if you lost your password or need our help.  The Webtutors include the videos and a download of the workbook. You print out the Workbook pages by the lesson so you can do the written work. Some students like to have the supplemental materials of the workbooks and flashcards purchased through our online bookstore.

Is the Spanish taught at WHS used internationally?

Absolutely! We teach grammatically perfect Spanish that is spoken in every Spanish-speaking country. There are different dialects as you travel to different countries, and in some cases, there are minor changes to nouns and verbs. Castilian is spoken in Spain, but the basic structure  of the language is what we teach  and it will take you everywhere! 

How do Duolingo, Rosetta Stone or other courses compare to your programs?

Warren has been teaching Spanish for 45 years and has developed a methodology for learning Spanish. Warren developed his program after studying how the adult brain learns language and after really listening to how native speakers speak. 

WHS incorporates the four learning modalities of hearing it, seeing it written, speaking it and writing it. WHS is a course of study that teaches the verb tenses and grammar of Spanish. WHS has integrated learning tools that no other course has such as self-study workbooks supported by flashcards, audios and videos. Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are programs designed to teach vocabulary through word association. There is no attempt to teach verb tenses or grammar in an organized format. You can study these courses forever and never learn the verb tenses in Spanish or how to create a sentence. In our classrooms, we engage partnered learning so that you are always working with someone at your skill level. You are never waiting your turn or being called upon in class. Of course, we welcome questions and answers.

Are your classes taught by native Spanish speakers?

Yes! Our amazing team of WHS teachers are native to San Miguel de Allende and have been part of the WHS team for over 25 years! They are trained in our methodology and have taught thousands of students over the years. We are very proud of our teachers.

Is WHS an accredited school?

No, we are not and have no need to be. Our students are mostly retired adults who are world travelers or seeking a home in a Latin America country. They want to learn Spanish so they can create relationships with the local people

wherever they travel or live. When teenagers come to our school over the summer months, they end up testing out of the next level of their high school or college curriculum. This method works for all ages.

How many students are in a class?

January and February are our busiest months and we have up to 24 students in the Level 1 course. A more typical class size is anywhere from 10-16 students.

Remember we have three teachers in the foundation courses so a teacher or facilitator is always right there for you while you are studying and working with your partner playing the timed exercises. In the Storytelling class, we take just eight students as it is a skill development course and we need plenty of time to converse and tell stories about our lives!

How much homework is there?

For each day of class, you will have about two hours of homework. This must be done to be successful and to be prepared to work with your partner in class.

Is WHS an immersion school?

No. We experimented with immersion, but found Warren’s methods are much more fun and effective. Immersion is overwhelming and can be extremely frustrating. For those wanting a  more intense program we recommend either taking two courses concurrently, or taking one course and studying with a tutor on days when you don’t have class. Tuli will help you create the perfect program so you get the most out of your learning experience.

How long are your sessions and how many days a week do they meet?

Our Level 1-4 foundation courses and Storytelling meet three days a week for three hours a day for 2.5 weeks. This amounts to eight classroom days for a total of 24 hours of classroom time. You can see the days and hours of all courses on our calendar of courses.

Want to learn online?

Warren teaches his course on video just like he does in the classroom.

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