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Warren Hardy School is on hiatus due to CV-19
We look forward to serving you with Warren Hardy Zoom Classes

2021 Courses to be announced

September 2021 San Miguel de Allende

Queridos estudiantes,

We at Warren Hardy are very excited about our hopeful grand reopening Jan-March 2022.
We are happy to announce our new location at our home in Colonia  Santa Julia. Many of you know the location  as you have been to our Great Class Parties! We are right in front of CASA and the Girls Orphanage  and Taxi’s know right where we are located.  We have 2 acres of beautiful grounds with waterfalls, ponds and turtles and a wonderful view of the city.

We are a 5 minute taxi ride from the jardin centro. We can create taxi pools on the first day of class for those who live near each other. Many students walk up and/or back to town. 

We look forward to creating a Spanish Club type of environment with a once a week after class luncheon and Spanish conversation flow. We will serve comida Mexicana with such delights as Guacamole y Totopos, Enchiladas Suizas, Burritos,  Frijoles, Cerveza y Aguas Frescas.  
Any day of the week we invite you to bring your packed lunch and enjoy it after class under the shade trees, perhaps speaking español with your partner, or getting a head start on your homework and enjoying the view of the city before wandering back to town. Nuestra Casa es Su Casa, as we say in Mexico!  There are Airbnb’s in this neighborhood so that you can stay near the school. 
I have created the calendar of courses for the winter session although I hesitate to post it until we know everything is well in order. We want to make sure we wont have to cancel  due to Covid,  especially after students make their flight and accommodation  arrangements etc.
All students must show proof of vaccination upon registering and bring their certificate on the first day of class. 
All WHS staff will be vaccinated. We will take your temperature daily before entering the grounds.
An $80USD non refundable deposit will be required to guarantee your place in class upon registration. This will be applied to your tuition.
We will take up to 16 students per Level due to our  partnered methodology where we work within 1.5 meters  of our partner. Storytelling will have up to 8 students.  Communication Skills up to 10 students. We play the time exercises and are working constantly so we need to be very safe in the classroom. We suggest purchasing a facial shield so you can work comfortably with your partner.  The classroom will be cleaned after every class and we will take all sanitary measures to provide a safe environment. All of our classrooms are well ventilated.
Once we have the classrooms set up we will post photos so you can see where you will be studying. We have our dedicated team of teachers still with us! Patricia in Level 1, Rocio in Level 2, Storytelling and Communication Skills and Antonieta teaching Levels 3 and 4 and 9 Tense Integration.  Veronica and Etienne are the facilitators helping you along! 
All foundation courses will be held from 9:30am-12:30pm. Communication Skills will be MW 1-2:30pm.
The 4 sessions we are planning will be held;
Jan. 10-27
Jan. 31- Feb17
Feb. 21-March 10
March 14-30
We will offer levels 1 and 2 and Storytelling during all 4 sessions rotating Levels 3 and 4, Communication Skills and Nine Tense Integration.
Thank you for staying in touch. I will post the calendar of courses by Nov.1st, fingers crossed!
Tuli and Warren and the entire WHS team


San Miguel de Allende went through a very hard time with CV19 and  we lost some of the most precious members of our community. The vaccines are taking place and we are waiting for the  teachers to be fully vaccinated, which will be in the fall. We have been advised not to open our school until the vaccine is well underway and there is much less risk of CV19 and any variant to spread. We can only reopen when the city of SMA gives permission for schools to open and we can see that 

Hence, due to Covid and the variants that have arrived here this month, Warren Hardy Spanish Club at its physical location is on hiatus. We take great pride in our school and want to make sure our students and staff are in a safe environment.

 Once we get word from the city and see how the fall season goes virus wise we will post our calendar of courses for Jan-March 2022. 

 If you are interested in  one on one Zoom classes with our dedicated team of WHS teachers,  please email Tuli directly for more information at:


Until then enjoy the special offers that we will be putting out.

Take good care amigos!!!  We’ll see you soon! Nos veremos pronto 

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