Level 2 Webtutor - Preterite and Pronouns

Level 2 teaches the most important tense in Spanish. The simple past or preterite tense is used 40% of the time.

Level 2 Includes

Learning Steps

Level 2 - Preterite and Pronouns

Level 2 teaches the most important tense in Spanish: the Simple Past or Preterite tense, which is used 40% of the time. After this course you will know every part of a Spanish sentence and how to shorten your speech by using pronouns: I gave it to him. He gave it to me.

Included With This Course

  1. Forty one twenty-minute video lessons
  2. The downloadable Level 2 Workbook.
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The Learning Steps

  1. Download the pages you need for your lesson.
  2. Fill in the blanks and check your answers.
  3. Listen and practice with the video lesson.

Free Sample Lesson

Watch a sample lesson and start learning Spanish today!

The video lesson covers page 6, Right hand column,  Items 1 – 12.

Buy Level 2 - $139.00

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Table of Contents

1. Course intro & “I forms” -AR Verbs—Part 1
2. “I forms” -AR Verbs—Part 2
3. “You familiar” -AR Verb Questions—Part 1
4. “You familiar” -AR Verb Questions—Part 2
5. Q & A “I and You Familiar” -AR Verb—Part 1
6. Q & A “I and You Familiar” -AR Verb—Part 2
7. -AR Verb Conjugation
8. All Forms -AR Verb Statements
9. I and You Formal -AR Verb Questions
10. You Formal, He, She -AR Verb Questions
11. All Forms -AR Verb Questions
12. All Forms -AR Verb Questions & Answers
13. All Forms AR -AR Verb Questions & Answers Review
14. -ER IR Verb Conjugation
15. All Forms -ER IR Verb Statements
16. All forms -ER IR Verb Questions & Answers
17. Stem Changing Verbs
18. Direct and Indirect Object Pronoun Explanation
19. Direct and Indirect Object Pronoun Usage
20. Combined Pronoun Exercise
21. Combined Pronoun -AR Verb Questions & Answers
22. Combined Pronoun -ER IR Verb Questions & Answers
23. Regular verbs & pronouns review
24. Irregular Verbs Intro & “I Forms”
25. Statements with “I Forms”
26. “I and You Familiar Forms”
27. Q & A “I and You Familiar Forms”—Part 1
28. Q & A “I and You Familiar Forms”—Part 2
29. Q & A “I and You Formal Forms”
30. “All Forms” Conjugation, Rolodex
31. Conjugation “All Forms,” One at a Time
32. “All Forms” Quiz in Order
33. All Forms Conjugation with Sentences
34. Conjugation “All Forms” Quiz Mixed
35. Irregular exam “All Forms”—Part 1
36. Irregular exam “All Forms”—Part 2
37. Ser in the Preterit and Communication Verbs
38. Decir = I said that ______.
39. Decir = I told XX that ______.
40. Nine Spanish Tenses
41. Stages of Development