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Warren Hardy, Spanish teaching guru and multi-cultural expert is frequently featured in the news. Read what people are saying about his exciting new concepts in Spanish learning!

Warren Hardy Speaks and Gives a Spanish Workshop, at International Living's Ultimate Event in Cancun

February 21-26, 2012

With an attendance of over 350 boomers looking for a better life overseas, Warren Hardy was a featured speaker at International Living’s biggest event of the year. His message? You don’t have to speak fluent Spanish to have a full life abroad but you do have to know how go get along with people and be able to express your needs with confidence. Warren also demonstrated his method to a hundred attendees in a lively, 30 minute Spanish class.

The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College teams with Warren Hardy Spanish to offer Spanish classes to adult learners

September 4, 2011

In response to the needs of the Brownsville community, where the ability to speak Spanish is an essential skill, UTB/TSC selected the Warren Hardy learning system for its adult education classrooms based on its effectiveness with adult learners and emphasis on Mexican Spanish.

What Really Really Matters in International Business Relationships

August 12, 2005
Speech given at the International Mediation Conference

I enthusiastically welcome you Third Siders to the Warren Hardy school. I acknowledge you for the time and energy you have put in to come here to discuss ways to help people resolve conflicts in efficient, caring and responsible ways.

William Ury in his book “Must We Fight” says that the motto for the Third Side is to Contain if necessary; Resolve if possible; best of all Prevent. My purpose in speaking to you today is to help you prevent conflict and develop trust in you cross-cultural business relationships.

The Hardy Recipe

February 21, 2000
Atencion San Miguel de Allende

San Rafael 6. It’s Saturday morning at 9 The two dozen people who were standing around in groups chatting with cups of coffee find their seats as the Maestro makes his way to a small standing blackboard in front of a large, comfortable room.

“Buenos días, clase. Comenzamo!” exclaims the teacher. He’s a well-dressed, middle-aged man with chiseled good looks and a friendly voice. Warren Hardy has begun another Spanish class.

Mexican Immersion

October 16, 2005
Jon Tevlin, Star Tribune

Fourteen percent of all sentences in Spanish reflect doubt. Would have. Could have. Should have. An even higher percentage speaks of the past.

I learned that on the first day of my Spanish class in San Miguel de Allende. It was an affirming detail, an acknowledgment that too many of us live in the yesterday, the what-might-have-been.

A gap had opened in our ceaseless ant parade of life, (a house sale; an unfinished condo), so my wife, Ellen, and I decided to take a reprieve, something we’d wanted to do for years.

Group Meets to Establish International Conflict Resolution Institute

August 6, 2004

By Dr. Alessandra Lippucci, Senior Lecturer in Government, University of Texas At Austin

Globalization—like it or not—is accelerating, and with it the incidence of international conflict. Disputes inevitably arise as increasing numbers of individuals, businesses and institutions attempt to operate across boundaries. Because litigation—the traditional means of resolving these international disputes—is costly, time-consuming and stressful, the parties have an incentive to turn to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which tends to be cheaper, more efficient and less stressful.

Destiny Fulfills Itself

July 23, 2003
Atencion San Miguel de Allende

Have you ever looked back on your life and realized that if you had made a left turn instead of a right turn or missed a certain flight or never attended a certain event, your life would be very different today? Have you ever met someone and realized later that your whole life took a different course because of meeting that one person?

Such is the case in the life of Warren Hardy, of the Warren Hardy Spanish School, well known here in San Miguel de Allende, and his first Spanish-language student.

Warren Hardy Spanish: A San Miguel Institution

July 23, 2003
Atencion San Miguel de Allende

We have so many opportunities to participate in the richly varied institutions here in San Miguel de Allende. Some favorites might include dazzling our senses at the Tianguis on Tuesdays, attending the Biblioteca’s inspirational house tour on Sundays, or going to the colorful Ignacio Ramirez covered market on Wednesday evenings, or Thursday at the latest, to get flowers at their peak of freshness.

Romance, Intrigue and Adventures…in Spanish

July 16, 2004
Atencion San Miguel de Allende

Popular legend says that the best way to learn Spanish is through romance or currently by watching soap-operas. However, a romantic interlude or spending large amounts of time in front of the television may not be the favored method for improving everyone’s language skills. To bridge the communication gap and protect feminine honor, enter stage right Carolina, Guadalupe Victoria and Rolando, “El gitano,” characters in The Soap Opera of Carolina the new intermediate Spanish book by Warren Hardy.

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