Warren and Tuli Hardy
Warren and Tuli Hardy

About The Warren Hardy Spanish School

Founded in 1990
Over 20,000 Success Stories

"We believe in the power of connection through language and understanding. We believe in the capacity to learn and grow and reinvent oneself up, until, and through advanced age. And when you come to us, we believe in you."

My wife Tuli and I went to San Miguel de Allende on our honeymoon in 1990. We fell in love with the city and decided to stay. I had been a language teacher for 15 years before that and we decided to open a language school for the expat community. Boy was I in for a surprise. Suddenly I found myself in the classroom with people over sixty. They were smart, they were curious and they were life-long learners, but they needed a different approach to learning Spanish than what I had been teaching.

One day I was teaching a lady over 70, Martha Wilson. It just wasn't working. In exasperation she blurted out, Warren I just want to be kind and tell people what I need! That was my aha moment. I began to write handouts and the handouts turned into workbooks and the workbooks were recorded on audios. It took about 10 years to hone my course to perfection with four levels of instruction. Now, my comprehensive course is also offered on video with 140 twenty-minute videos.

Spanish Teachers at the Warren Hardy Spanish School

Etienne Sanchez, Antonieta Espinosa, Tuli Hardy, Warren Hardy, Patricia Ledesma, Veronica Ruiz Carreon, Rocio Ruiz Carreon

In 1995, I searched out people that I wanted to train as teachers. I sought young people that had a gift for connecting with people.  I ended up with three protégés.  Patricia Ledesma, Rocio Ruiz, and Antonieta Espinosa. Those three have become master teachers and form the core of our school today, which has become an institution in San Miguel de Allende.

I continue to teach and Tuli administers the school. Each year we welcome hundreds of new and returning students to San Miguel de Allende. We consider them all friends by the time they leave.

~ Warren Hardy