Warren Hardy Spanish Curriculum

Welcome to the Warren Hardy Spanish Club where best friends are made
and the dream of learning Spanish comes true

Over the past 30 years we have developed a simple curriculum that teaches our students to learn to read and write Spanish as well as develop the skills to speak well. There are four levels of development. Each of the four levels has a Foundation Course where you learn the verb tenses; and a skill development component where you further conversational skills. Warren Hardy Spanish will take you from very beginning Spanish to a high conversational level.

Foundation Courses

You work with a partner of matched skill level in timed exercises called games. You never answer or perform in front of the class, only to your partner. During the games, you take turns delivering and receiving cues from your partner. You use flashcards and WorkBooks as learning tools during the games. The Warren Hardy Method uses a “cross-training” modality that develops both reading/writing and speaking/understanding skills simultaneously. Class size limited to 16 students.

Skill Development Courses

Classes are limited to ten students. You learn through activities both in the classroom and in the streets of San Miguel de Allende. Learn to shop in the market. Learn to give basic information about yourself. Write and share stories about yourself. Read stories on Mexican history and culture and participate in guided discussion in the classroom. Take the knowledge from the Foundation course and apply it to mastering life in San Miguel.

Want to learn online?

Warren teaches his course on video just like he does in the classroom.