Level 3 Workbook – Seven Tense Integration

Move to conversational Spanish in Level 3. Express your personality and thoughts in Spanish as you learn to use and integrate seven tenses. Build an extensive Spanish vocabulary.


Level 3 in your Spanish study program takes you to the conversational level so you can begin to express your personality and thoughts in Spanish and use seven tenses:

  • I speak – hablo (Present tense)
  • I spoke – hablé (Preterite tense)
  • I used to speak – hablaba (Imperfect tense)
  • I will speak – hablaré (Future tense)
  • I would speak- hablaría (Conditional tense)
  • I am speaking – estoy hablando (Present progressive tense)
  • I have spoken – he hablado (Present perfect tense)

A necessary part of any Spanish study program, Level 3 will help you build an extensive vocabulary and feel comfortable conversing in Spanish.

  • Conjugate the 100 most used verbs in the Spanish language in seven tense.
  • Empowers you to read, write, speak and understand Spanish.
  • Designed for the independent learner.
  • Hundreds of written and spoken exercises.
  • Beautifully designed charts and graphics.
  • Self-grading exams.
  • Proven successful by thousands.
  • A “must have” for every Spanish student.

What’s Included:

  • 160-page workbook: Easy to read and filled with beautiful charts, self-correcting exercises and self-correcting quizzes and exams.

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