Mexican Slang


One of the first verbs we learn in Spanish is gustar: to like. Me gusta mucho las enchiladas. I like enchiladas very much. Or when we are introduced to someone we say, Mucho gusto, Javier. Nice to meet you Javier, or in a lmore literal sense, “I like meeting you Javier.” Now we want to say we don’t like something, and we say “No me gusta las enchiladas.” That is correct, and we can express the same thing by saying, Me disgustan las enchiladas. The verb disgustar does not mean we are disgusted by something, rather we just don’t like it. So when a native speaker tells you she doesn’t care for a certain restaurant, it doesn’t mean she finds it disgusting.

To dislike: disgustar

To disgust: asquear

Did you get stood up? Or, did you not quite make yourself clear about where to meet? Find out in the next Gringoism.

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