Mexican Slang

In Front of or Across From? Where are you?

We all know about “Mexican time,” and being on time, means “when we get there.” So sometimes we get upset about someone being late when it is really our own fault, due to….. alas, another false cognate.

If you tell Antonieta to meet you in front of the parish church at one o’clock, enfrente de la parroquia a las uno, and at a quarter of two you are pacing and fuming in front of the church, it isn’t about Mexican time. You haven’t been stood up. Antonieta was right where she was supposed to have been. Across the street from the church, sitting on a bench in the jardin, engrossed in her book and wondering why you cancelled the appointment.

In front of: al frente de
Across from, or facing: enfrente de

The next Gringoism is X rated. Why? Mispronunciation is the culprit.

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