Level 2 Home Study Kit

Level 2 Home Study Kit




Communicate clearly and effectively in the simple past tense in Level 2. Increase your understanding of Spanish grammar as you practice word order and the use of the direct and indirect object pronouns. 
 Includes 5 items:
Level 2 Workbook: 160-page fill-in -the-blank workbook is easy to read with beautiful charts, self-correcting exercises, quizzes and exams.
VerbCards: One hundred 3 X 5 cards with rounded corners contain the most common Spanish verbs conjugated in all their tenses.
GameCards: Eighty 3 X 5 cards contain English-Spanish translation games integrated with the Level 2 Workbook.
KeyCards: Quick reference guide contains all the tenses and basic grammar and a vocabulary guide that fits in your purse or pocket.
Level 2 Audios: Recorded directly from the Level 2 Workbook by native Spanish speakers, these help you to develop your pronunciation and listening skills while you learn to use the Spanish object pronouns. Available in CD or USB.

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