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Teacher Certification Programs

Teacher Certification Programs

Teach Spanish and explore exciting business opportunities using Warren Hardy’s proven methods and products. Become a Certified Warren Hardy Spanish Teacher. You’ll find all the information you need to start earning today.

Business Opportunities in Teaching

We are recruiting entrepreneurial teachers and trainers. If you want to have the freedom to teach when you want, who you want, where you want, charge what you want, and not have to grade homework…. you may want to become an entrepreneurial teacher to the general public, or corporate sector.

Corporate, Education, Government… It’s Your Choice

We currently have professionals teaching the Warren Hardy Spanish System in the following areas:

Private Sector: Corporations, medical, restaurant/hospitality
Education: Community colleges, community education, continuing education, private schools and home schools
Government: Police, fire and other agencies

Benefits of Entrepreneurial Teaching

It’s the wave of the future. Here are a few of the many advantages:

Teach when you want, where you want, who you want.
Discipline problems are non-existent and motivation is high when students pay to learn.
Since workbooks are self-correcting, students grade their own papers, and your lesson plans are already in the teacher’s manual.
No administrators to deal with.
You set your own rules.
Income is high with little or no overhead.
Many teachers begin by teaching small classes in a private home a couple of nights a week.
After just one lesson students usually enthusiastically recommend others and the process begins.
You will succeed with every class and you will improve with every class.

Public School Teachers are Making the Switch… and Here’s Why

If you are a teacher in a public school, you may want to explore teaching a couple of nights a week in another venue: in someone’s home, or any classroom space you chose to use or rent. We suggest charging ten dollars for one classroom hour per student.

Do the Math! Ten students will generate $100. gross per hour: a two hour class will generate $200 a class, and so on.
Small Groups. It is easy to teach 20 to 40 students with this method. As your skill improves and your reputation increases, it is not unusual to have 20 to 40 students in a class, who work in pairs. You and a native speaking facilitator can easily manage 10 pairs.
Exciting Income. Twenty students generate $200 per hour and for a two-hour class, which is optimal. You earn $400 per class or $800 per week.
Not bad for a night job!

Personal Coaching from Warren Hardy Master Teacher and Business Builder

After you’ve completed the Teacher Certification process, you will continue to receive personal coaching from me, Warren Hardy, by email and through regional seminars. My goal is to ensure that you are successful and excited about teaching! I want you to teach successful classes, make money, and unite people through language learning.

Get Started Now…

There are millions of Americans who want and need to speak Spanish. They live right in your community and they are are looking for what you have to offer. Why not create a win-win situation by offering your much needed services and increase your income at the same time?

If you are interested in using the Warren Hardy Spanish System in your existing classroom, and want to create your own classroom – please fill out the form below…

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