Mexican Slang

Walking on Eggs

There are some Gringos who try to avoid the word “eggs” in Spanish, or huevos, as the word is also slang for testicles, ie: “El no tiene huevos.”

Many the time a woman grocer has been asked if she has testicles! “Tiene huevos?”

If you want to bypass what might be a touchy situation for yourself, you can always ask for blanquillos. That is slang used in Mexico only, and and mostly on ranches and more remote areas. However the word blanquillos is there for you if you ever want to use it and you will be understood. It literally means “little white ones.”

It is correct to say, “hay huevo?” instead of tiene huevos? The Mexican shopper will say, “Dame, por favor, un kilo de huevo.” Note huevo is singular when asked for in a bulk amount like a pound or a dozen. It is common to buy eggs by the kilo and you can expect about 16 medium eggs in a kilo.

Huevos: eggs
Hay Huevo?: Do you have eggs?
Huevos revueltos: scrambled eggs
Huevos estrellados: fried eggs
Huevos pasados por agua: soft boiled eggs

While we are on the subject, read about a shopper who asked the sales clerk if he had cajones in the next Gringoism!

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