Level 1 Workbook | $29.95

Learn to express your needs and wants confidently by combining the 100 most commonly used verbs with the six Power Verbs. Add audio for $24.05 more.

Level 2 Workbook | $29.95

Communicate clearly and effectively in the simple past tense in Level 2. Increase your understanding of Spanish grammar as you practice word order and the use of the direct and indirect object pronouns. Add audio for $24.05 more.

Level 3 Workbook | $29.95

A necessary part of any Spanish language program, Level 3 will give you a knowledge of seven tenses so you have the tools to express your thoughts and feel comfortable conversing in Spanish. Add audio for $24.05 more.

Level 4 Workbook | $29.95

Learn the Present and Past Subjunctive and practice integrating the nine Spanish Tenses. The Subjunctive will empower you to manage people and express your wants in a diplomatic way. Add audio for $24.05 more.

Soap Opera of Carolina | $29.95

This intermediate bilingual reader is a soap opera of romance and intrigue based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Learn about history and culture as you practice Spanish. The Soap Opera of Carolina audio is a beautiful radio production recorded with professional actors with all the sound effects of radio. Add audio for $24.05 more.

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