Basic Communication Skills

Basic Communication Skills



Basic Communications teaches all the words and phrases you need to get by as a tourist. You will learn greetings, polite words, defensive language, how to express your likes and dislikes, how to find the restroom, how to take a taxi, how to give directions and vocabulary around money.

You will learn how to get a table and order in a restaurant, all the restaurant vocabulary, foods and beverages. You will learn how to introduce yourself, make a phone call and leave your name and number. You will learn to tell time, the days of the week, months, and numbers 1 to 1000.

Included With This Course

  •  4-twenty minute video lessons taught by master teacher Warren Hardy
  • Downloadable and printable PDFs that contain all the content in the videos

The Learning Steps

  1. Download the pages you need for your lesson.
  2. Listen and practice with the video lesson.

Basic Communications 1
The Courtesies
The Golden Words
Defensive Language

Basic Communications 2
Likes and dislikes
Taxi and directions

Basic Communications 3
Introducing Oneself
Telephone Call
Leaving your name and number

Basic Communications 4
Telling time
At such and such at time
Numbers 1 – 90
Numbers 100 – 1000

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