Level 1 – Power Verbs

Level 1 – Power Verbs



Why this course is important:

Level 1 is the grounding course. It teaches you to function in Spanish. You learn to combine the 100 most common verbs wit the six power verbs: need, want, can, going to, have to, and like. This empowers you to make hundreds of sentences so you can get the things you need or want when you want and need them. You will learn Mexican social protocol, numbers, time and days of the week and develops 300 word vocabulary.

Here are the learning steps:

  1. Download the pages you need for your lesson.
  2. Watch the videos.
  3. Do the written assignment by filling in the blanks.
  4. Play the audio games.
  5. Watch the video as many times as you need to master the lesson.
  6. Congratulate yourself and move on.

What comes with this course:

1. Forty one – 41 – Warren Hardy Webtutor Video Lessons

Listen and practice with these 20 minute videos as often as you wish, at your own pace and on your own schedule. You own this for life!

Introductory Videos:

2. The Warren Hardy Spanish Level 1 Workbook – Downloadable Version

You will be assigned pages from the workbook with each video lesson.
You will download and print this workbook. You can print the entire workbook in three sections or download and print the pages needed for each individual lesson.

If you want to purchase a bound hard copy of the workbook and have it sent to your address click here: https://warrenhardy.com/bookstore/level-1-workbookThis separate workbook is an extra charge and does not come as part of the webtutor online course. Only the downloadable version comes with the online course.

3. Thirty nine – 39- Warren Hardy Spanish Online Games

These audio games coincide with the written text in the workbook and the video lesson. Listen and practice with native speakers as part of your homework assignment. Play a sample game here.

4. “Don Juan de Boca” video series

In this video series, Warren Hardy’s alter ego (Don Juan de Boca) will teach you the slang words that won’t be taught in most Spanish classes. Salud! Watch a sample video here.

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