Level 4 Part 1- Present Subjunctive

Level 4 Part 1- Present Subjunctive



  • There are nine basic tenses in Spanish: Seven indicative tenses and two Subjunctive tenses. This course will teach you the Present Subjunctive or the language of diplomacy. The Present Subjunctive portrays events that have not happened and we are not sure if they will ever happen. It portrays the flip side of reality. This tense is very common and is used about 15% of the time. The conjugation is relatively simple. The complicated part is using two subjects to create compound sentences. The other difficult part is learning the categories. The Present Subjunctive is used after the following categories:
    1. After verbs of wish, hope and doubt: I want you to work tomorrow. I doubt that you will work tomorrow.
    2. After impersonal expressions: It is important that you work tomorrow.
    3. Subtle commands: That you work tomorrow.
    4. After conjunctions: Are you going to work until you finish?
    5. After cuando when expressing a future unknown: I want you to work whenever you can.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:
    Learn the conjugation of the Present Subjunctive.
    Learn to use the Present Subjunctive in the five categories.

    Tools included with this course

    • 20 twenty minute video lessons with Warren Hardy
    • Downloadable, self-correcting workbook

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