Level 3 – Imperfect, Present and Minor Tenses

Level 3 – Imperfect, Present and Minor Tenses



Why this course is important:

Once you have learned the Preterite or Simple Past Tense, the next tense to learn is the Imperfect Past tense. This is the tense that works with the Preterite to allow you to tell stories about past events. In Spanish the Imperfect is
called the Co-Preterito, which indicates that these tenses work hand in hand. The Preterite Tense portrays events in the past that are over and complete while the Imperfect portrays events that happened continuously or repeatedly. The Imperfect is
portrayed by events that happened “always, generally, usually, every day, etc.”

The Present Indicative tense is one of the three Major tenses. It is the tense you use to express your needs and wants and to understand the needs of others. ie. What do you need? I need to use the restroom. It allows you to talk
about events that are occurring now. ie. I work today. continuing to occur. ie. I always work., and that will occur in the near future. ie. I work tomorrow.

The Minor tenses are specialty tools. You have to have them. The Future tense will get commitment or promise. ie. Will you do it? The Conditional tense allows you to say: I would do it but xxxxxThe Present Progressive tense allows
you to portray events in progress. ie. I am doing itThe Present Perfect tense allows you to portray events that are over and complete. ie. I have done it.

The Seven Tense Integration section will help you to integrate the Seven Indicative tenses in the “I forms”. Then it will help you to rolodex through the forms of Regular verbs and the 12 Irregular verbs. This is very important in helping
your to know and use the forms.

This Course Contains:

Thirty Four –  34 – Warren Hardy Webtutor Video Lessons

Listen and practice with these 20 minute videos as often as you wish, at your own pace and on your own schedule. You own this for life!

Sample videos:

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